My tale of wonders.....

As an artist and creator, I always found ways to reinvent myself so I could share my aptitude and expertise with the public. The phrase, "starving artist" is as real as it gets and unfortunately in a world where there are so many visionaries, there is little room to gain exposure and live off of art. Partially because of over saturation and the other is because of capitalism and the economic corporate machine that controls practically everything. 

When I was a child, I was drawn to the macabre and strange. Most of my interest was in the arts and folklore. From there, I began gaining knowledge about metaphysical elements such as crystal healing and I also fell in love with occult symbology. Like most artists, I began with 2D classical drawing and painting and from there I decided to try different mediums to better understand where my true skill would shine. After a series of unfortunate events happened in my life, including the passing of my beloved father, I had artists block for 3 full years. During difficult times, it was hard for me to focus on my path and what I really wanted to do with my life. 

It wasn't long after until I experimented with 3D art, specifically polymer clay and ceramics. I instantly fell in love with this medium and also discovered that I had quite a knack for sculpting and molding. The attraction to this grew more and over a few months, I was pretty much an expert sculptor. With my new found talent, I wanted to create wearable art, so I sculpted mini skulls at first with polymer clay. That is how Bewitched Boneyard came about. Shortly after, I learned basic metal plating and alchemy. That is when the magic unfolded! Since my influence as a child was occult-related and nature-based with a tinge of vintage horror films and also the Old West (thanks to my dad for turning me on to Bonanza and Clint Eastwood), my jewelry collection has an array of esoteric symbology, twigs and organic material and of course my handmade sculptures. Each piece is unique, though I do replicate all the designs as best as I can. Since nature is organic, most twigs I forage will not be identical to those that are photographed on the site shop. The handsculpted designs will vary per piece because they are made to order. I also do custom orders upon request. 

*All pieces are non-gender assigned*

I developed Bewitched Boneyard so I can offer affordable and unique jewelry designs to those that appreciate oddities, the weird and pagan mysticism. Most importantly, it is an homage to my father, the greatest and most rewarding influence throughout my life. 

*10% of sales will always be donated to INCITE!*